The Fay Retell Collection


Dark Forgotten fairy tale

Deep in the Once Upon A Time land, in one of the Far Away Kingdoms lived Lord Bluebeard.

He was feared by the entire realm and was a most dreadful widower. When the last of the royalty member died, the fate of the kingdom and the crown fell on to him. But to ascend to the throne, finding a royal bride was his mission.

In her castle, the princess receives the invitation to attend the ball thrown by Lord Bluebeard. She agrees to attend…and to marry him under one condition: he must protect her kingdom at all costs.

What she did not know was that Lord Bluebeard also had his condition, never to enter one room in his castle while absent on campaigns to ensure the safety of the Far Away Kingdom.

Will she hold her promise never to open the door and maybe find out why all his wives mysteriously vanished? Will she use the one skill she has that no one knows about? Will Bluebeard fall for the princess or kill her as he did his other wives, or so his legend said?


A Viking Story

Bravery Of Fate

Medieval Romance

The young prince had to fall so he could rise again a true Viking!

A royal pawn and prisoner, prince Anlón was part of a pitiful lost kingdom where his greedy uncle realized his dreamed to be king. A forgotten piece of land that attracted Vikings as the king owed money. Anlón stood up for his people while his uncle trembled before Lord Bloodaxe and was punished for it. However, his punishment turned to be the beginning of his new journey on his way to a land of winter and fire…Iceland.

When she thought her role as a princess would be a boring one, Princess Ansflède discovers the truth about her bloodline. Born outside of marriage to a mother who enjoyed the company of men, Ansflède is often called a bastard child without a future. Ansflède is the only heir to the throne shall her mother fails to maintain her vow of chastity. On the day of her betrothed, Ansflède starts her journey to find her father in a land of winter and fire…Iceland.

Will Anlón and Ansflède meet and help one another to avenge their dreams ruined by greed, or will their fate guide them somewhere else?




Her father died at the hands of traitors or wished nothing else than to own the waters and the portal to her home.

Captain Bloodworth promised her father she would defend Mermaid Island, her people, and the waters at all costs. Without a ship or a complete crew, her promise would soon fall apart until a flame from the past lends her the crew and the warship she needs.

Along the way, Captain Pearl Bloodworth of the merfolk smells a rat among her crew. What she didn’t expect was that a rat on her ship was only the first circle of hell. Fighting a demon, the royal navy after her, an old lover, Pearl fears her mission is a lost cause. That is until she hears that the man who lends her his ship and crew is in danger, and there is nothing she can do.

There is nothing Pearl wouldn’t do to save the man she truly loves because only a mermaid can sign her voice away to grow legs and sacrifice it all for love.



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There is a difference between wanting to be the centre of attention and wanting to perform.

For since I can remember, I have wanted to perform. I wanted to know the art. I would be reenacting what I would be watching on television. I would sing what I heard and recite my favourite books.

But I was different and odd to many people. I liked to perform but not people. There was a side of me that grew in the dark and admire the night sky wondering what was out there. Stories would take form in my head, and I would write them all down.

There are two “me” I know, the gothic girl hoping there is more to this world than just humans and the nerdy one who believes in science.

This website is all about my research and, my books, my life as an artist and author. I hope you all enjoy what I have to share and my stories too!


Coming Soon

Viking Romance

Pirate Romance


Body Shaming Caused My Cibophobia

Society had people say they wished to be sick like me. Society had people laugh at me for living in a constant state of fear. I looked like one of those super sickening x-ray models, and people still managed to bring me down.

Confession Of A Shamed Mind Born Broken

Some believe I suffer from asociality, which’s a mental disorder that has an association with introverts. It can be a clinical condition, but in my case, asociality isn’t my disorder. I am a misanthrope and know this to be true for me.

Vampire Or The Walking Dead

Vampire or the Walking Dead is a good question for a debate surrounding fictional fandoms but what about mental disorders thinking you’re dead